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We at Hilly Farms are a part of Vibez Estates since 2009, Completed over 14 plus projects so far and successfully delivered projects to over 800 plus customers aiming to create a successful venture by focusing on long-term sustainablity, where we not only provide you with prime real estate, but also create a harmonious community that resonates with nature’s beauty. Our mission is to blend the tranquility of natural surroundings with exceptional amenities, crafting a perfect sanctuary for you and your family. As a part of the Vibez Estates family, you can expect stunning landscapes, meticulously designed properties, and the finest luxuries that cater to your every need. We’re deeply committed to sustainability, ensuring that our developments preserve the environment while providing a haven for modern living. Come, experience the extraordinary balance of luxury and nature at Vibez Estates – where your dream home awaits.

Hilly Farm Plots Managed Plantation And Farmhouse

Professional Vibez Estates plantation management team provides the comfort of owning the plantation with ease. Working collaboratively with plantation experts, we focus on advisory and practical solutions, employing world-leading research on the plantation, maintenance, and security effectively. Understanding the wide-ranging plantation requirements activities our team is dedicated to developing your estate commercially. We adopt recognized opportunities and develop your estate into additional

Managed Plantations And Farmhouses On Hilly Farm

Hilly Farms provide effective plantation service solutions to help owners develop their plantation with ease. Our expert advisors provide various estate management services that ensure the comfort of our customers. Not all plantation management teams are the same, but our company manages the plantation with a wide range of experience at each level. With years of experience behind us to back our efforts, we have overcome the challenges many a times but have also worked face-to-face with the clients to deliver our best service for them. We have carved a special niche for ourselves in the real estate industry through constant strive to excel.

Why Invest In Hilly Farms?

Hilly Farms is giving you a bliss place at Channapatna near Bangalore city, where you can build your spacious dream farmhouse and celebrate every happy moments with your family. These farmland projects are not only made for the farmhouses but also in a way of investing where your assets will give you great returns. If you are a smart investor then your choice should be Hilly Farms.

Wonderful Amenities By Hilly Farm Plots






CSEBs are about 40% cheaper than conventional materials such as day bricks. Due to their thermal mass quality CSEBs can save anywhere between 10-15% on cooling and heating costs.



If you reside in a noisy neighborhood. CSEBs are just the right material to construct walls with. They cut down sound transmission and you don’t need to spend much on sound- proofing materials. The lack of cellulose does not allow mold-growth and the density of the blocks discourages pests and insects to make their way through!



CSEBs are approved construction material and widely popular in many countries like France.Uk. Germany etc. The testing of these blocks proved that their structural strength is more than that of adobe-earth which makes it a safe material that could be used for construction.



No chemicals are used in the making of these blocks therefore CSEBs release no harmful or toxic gases. CSEBs can be left exposed without any coating of paints and plaster which is an added advantage.Why? Most of the paints that we use contain substances called Volatile Organic Compounds which can affect our well-being.



Most of the fired clay bricks are fired using timber. CSEBs do not require fire for their manufacturing. This can reduce the large number of trees being cut down. So. we have perfect sollution to build eco-house.



The natural color and texture of the blocks obtained from the soil opens the door to a new world of possibilities in terms of design and creativity. Being a locally-produced product, they can adapt to various social, technical and cultural aspects.



CSEB can provide opportunities for nature and will benefit all regardless of any weather tolerance
level While inculcating social, environment, economic values in them.



While CSEBs are strong enough to withstand good louds, heavy rains and snow if demolished and disposed-off properly in soil,
the humus can break CSEBs down and thus giving back soil to the earth

Discover the beauty of nature at Hilly Farms, where the roads are transformed into breathtaking avenues lined with colorful flowering trees on both sides of the footpaths. Each avenue is unique, showcasing a different species of a plantation.

The first avenue is filled with – Cassia Fistula – all yellow colour flowering trees; the second is Cassia Javanica – pink coloring trees; the third is Tabebuia Avellanedae – purple and so on.

Whether you’re taking a morning stroll or just admiring the view, Hilly Farms offers a peaceful and rejuvenating environment unlike any other.

Come See Why Hilly Farm Plots Are The Perfect Place To Call Home


Hilly Farms, is a thriving project located in Channapatana. We have put forward our vision of providing customer satisfaction and aim to fulfill their need for continuous development. Vibez Estates endeavors to create, restore and preserve the natural valuing relationships.


Investing Opportunity

Our goal at Hilly Farms is to satisfy investors by offering them the chance to build long-term wealth. At Hilly Farms, you may escape the rush of city life and peacefully connect with nature. The optimum time to adopt and care for farmlands in order to create long-term sustainability is right now.

Social Impact

Owning your own farmland is a wonderful opportunity, especially when you think about the effects it has on our economy, ecology, and society as a whole. The supply of fertile land with good water access is dwindling.

Natural farming

When it comes to hilly farms, implementing natural farming techniques can be both challenging and rewarding. Our establishment boasts not only a botanical park but also an organic vegetable and herb garden, guaranteeing the utmost freshness and quality of our food.

Over 1000+ people trust us

Their dedication to their clients is second to none and they truly go above and beyond to ensure that every transaction is a success.

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They have a deep understanding of the market and can help you make informed decisions when it comes to your real estate investments.

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Their dedication to their clients is second to none and they truly go above and beyond to ensure that every transaction is a success.

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The fair was an excellent opportunity for people to get a better understanding of the real estate market in Bengaluru and the various options available to them.

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Thank you for setting me up a property with all the amenities.

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    You Own This Farmland, So Enjoy It!

    Our Hilly Farms provide a unique and innovative solution for those seeking a peaceful and nature-centric home. Located along the Bangalore-Mysore road, these farmlands are a fantastic investment for anyone who desires to surround themselves with the beauty of nature.

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    FAQ ‘s

    Everything you need to understand about Hillyfarmplots

    The project is 70 Kms from Bangalore.

    Customers get 2 months time for registration from the date of Booking.
    Yes, we will share all the necessary legal documents pertaining to the land subject to the Booking.
    There will be registration and khata costs in addition to the purchase price of the property.
    All the internal roads will be of 18 feet gravel roads.
    We do not get loans from the Bank to buy Farmland.
    We have Common Borewells for the irrigation facility.
    Currently it is plain land, the construction is done based on the designs approved by the customer.
    The farmhouse construction can start as per the customer’s needs.
    The amenities will be completed by December 2024
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    A Little About Channapatna

    The town of Channapatna is well-known for the making of wooden toys. Bangalore as well as Mysore are two most prominent spots where one can find beautiful works made out of wood by expert craftsmen representing Channapatna toys which sets it apart from other places in India or abroad.

    Hilly Farms

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    Rs. 27.5 Lakhs For 6,500 SqFt

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    Rs. 54.5 Lakhs For 6,500 SqFt

    Rs. 35 Lakhs For 6,500 SqFt

    Rs. 53.8 Lakhs For 10,000 SqFt

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